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Gammat Jammat
Gammat Jammat| 1987

Gammat Jammat

1987 | 149 min
Gautam (Sachin) & Phalgun (Ashok Saraf) are old friends. The duo need money badly & have no means to get it by the legal way. In desperation, they decide to kidnap Kalpana(Varsha Usgaonkar), the daughter of a wealthy businessman(Shrikant Moghe) Dadasaheb Korde. All plans are made & the kidnapping is executed nicely. However, the duo is surprised to find that Kalpana's father is not ready to shell even a dime & has already sent a Police Inspector(Satish Shah) to investigate. He also contacts Ganu Pailwan (Viju Khote) to find out her daughter. This, however, is least of their problems when they discover that Kalpana is not a model victim of kidnapping either. Now Kalpana dominates both of them and treats them like her servants. She tells them not to leave the bungalow where they kept her, else she will flee. Their problems become more complicated when the uncle of their friend and bungalow's owner Shrikant arrives from Dubai. But Kalpana pretends to be wife of Gautam in order to cooperate them to draw money from her father. One day, Gautam receives a letter from his friend Shrikant telling him that he has made arrangements for their job and asking them to come Delhi for the same. Gautam and Phalgun become very happy and tells Kalpana that she is free to go. But now Kalpana becomes sad and slaps Gautam and tells him that she is having feelings for him. Gautam accepts her love. Phalgun also goes home to meet his wife Ashwini (Charusheela Sable). Kalpana decides to drop them off to the railway station. But Ganu Pailwan spots and pursuits them. He manages to catch them. He brings them to Kalpana's father. But Kalpana tells them a fake story that Gautam and Phalgun saved her from the kidnappers and presents her wish to marry him. Gautam tells the actual truth to her father. But her father agrees for their marriage citing his honesty and courage to tell the truth. He then arranges for the job for Gautam and Phalgun. Meanwhile, Kalpana pays money for operation of Gautam's brother Suhas who is handicapped. more»
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